Welcome to the Interstate-20 Corridor

The I-20 Corridor Consortium of communities is centrally located within a four-state area with Dallas west, Shreveport east, Houston south, and Oklahoma City north.

8 communities are working together to help meet the needs of companies that need low electricity rates, land and buildings, good transportation network and a skilled labor supply. The bottom-line is that the I-20 Corridor is a place with a very good business climate located just outside large metro areas and very progressive communities.

The I-20 Consortium provides an abundance of people, sites, buildings, incentives and training opportunities because of the large region it serves. A central contact point allows the opportunity for quality, fast responses based on the needs of companies.

Numerous incentives are available in the area, including low-interest loans, tax abatements, training grants, enterprise zones and projects, sales tax refunds, franchise tax refunds, and freeport exemptions.Texas is one of only six states with no personal income tax on its residents and Texas is also a “right to work” state.